30 years experience

This is how we build our history

The Foundations

Claudio Bravo Barrios arrived from Santiago to study at the University of Concepcion. A young 17 year old young  man full of dreams, passionate and innovative, characteristics that with out any doubt, prompted him to realize years later his great legacy:  Inmobiliaria Bravo. (Bravo real estate)

In the 1980s, he entered professionally into the emerging real estate sector in Concepción. A pioneering proposal in this city, designed to provide the best quality of life, through a harmonious combination of space and excellent  terminations. Concepcion was already prepared …

“Believing in what you do is essential, being an entrepreneur requires a dose of risk, a 100% successful  business  does not exist,” Claudio Bravo Barrios.

Las Terrazas, Vallarta and Boston are his first projects.  Unique constructions, which begin to define the identity of the company and generate a new luxury housing market, which previously did not exist in the Biobío Region.

Top quality buildings, with vanguard  architecture and located on strategic grounds. Definetly , for Bravo Real estate:  natural environment,   neighborhood life and  location is extremely important. . How do they achieve it? Through a rigorous building process with constructive details correctly executed, thanks to a excellent  team  composed by the best professionals and craftsmen.

“Our most important asset is people, money is obtained when one is responsible, but a good human team takes years become solid,” Claudio Bravo Barrios.

Inmobiliaria Bravo proposes, design and potentiates.  Quinta Junge is a  great example of its philosophy:  they developed an exclusive residential neighborhood that began with an urban planning and was concreted with the constructions. Solid sites with unique details, which positioned the seal of this family business.

It has been 30 since they begun,  today, his sons Claudio and Pablo have been the ones in charge of keeping  his legacy. The effort, dedication and passion for the art of building have led Inmobiliaria Bravo to consolidate itself, in Concepción, Santiago and California (United States), as a brand that bets on exclusiveness  and security for their clients.

“We firmly believe in our projects and we hope that more and more people will have the opportunity to experience the quality of life that a Bravo project  delivers” Claudio and Pablo Brazo Erazo.

“I think when you do things right, professionally and with dedication, success is a lot closer,” Claudio Bravo Barrios.


We know that details make the difference. For this reason, at Inmobiliaria Bravo we work with the best architects in Chile. We look for skills that inspire highly aesthetic projects and we are very rigorous in order to achieve the best quality for our clients. For this reason, each building has its own style, but they keep our own hallmark.

Our history

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